A customized series of connected problem solving activities that require your team to use all their talent, creativity and unique capabilities to succeed. Designed from scratch to address your team's particular challenges.

Teams may be able to accomplish a task but how did they feel doing it? Is the process sustainable or a flash in the pan endeavor? TeamQuest levels the playing field giving each person a chance to shine and gain an appreciation for one another, to allow us to see people as people not as the tool to get a task done.

Breaking Barriers

Being dependent can be a sign of weakness while being independent can be a sign of strength. What's needed is interdependence — a real sense of working together. Being able to ask for and offer help and realizing the team can accomplish more together.

Valuing Teamwork

Trust can mean different things to people. TeamQuest puts this word into action by creating situations in which people must work together, communicate clearly, plan together and rely on each other in order to be successful.

Developing Trust

Are we learning and growing everyday or are we sitting back in our “comfort zone” where we simply exist and strive to be safe at all times?Are we willing to take calculated risks and work hard? Learning and growing only happens when we are willing to stretch ourselves and try new things. 

Program logistics

10 to 120 participants 

4-7 hours depending on goals

Held exclusively at the University of Richmond

$125 / person (corp.) $100 / person (gov't & nonprofit)

Dress for the outdoors

Building Community

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Genworth Financial

"They came away with exactly what they had hoped to accomplish and will reflect on the day many times and in many future situations."

Gay Curtin




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