Program logistics

$125 / person (corp.) $100 / person (gov't & nonprofit)

Tables, chairs, LCD projector & screen

Indoors, usually in a conference room

3-4 hours depending on debrief

15 to 300 participants (6 people in a team)

This program is carefully designed to identify the hard-to-spot cultural nuances that can create frustrating setbacks and costly shortcomings for any organization. Then, we face those counterproductive workplace norms and behaviors directly with a rich debrief afterwards to solidify the learning. 

Resource Management

When the future looks “sunny & warm” cash flows, morale is high, and resources are abundant. But when a promising forecast twists out of control without warning, people become perplexed, irrational and greedy. We believe taking a deliberate “proactive" versus “reactive” approach to resource management is essential for survival, whether teams find themselves standing on thin ice or pinned down by slim margins.

Strategic Thinking

Dare to try something new, but be meticulous enough in your proposal to give your most favorable ideas the greatest chance for success. Teams work to develop a strategic foresight capacity by learning how to evaluate both probable and unforeseen future outcomes based on our simulated game conditions. Then, work to integrate that plan into the execution of the activity.


We identify lessons in leadership from renowned explorers of an iconic period in history known as the Antarctic Age of Exploration. Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, with their teams and dogs, faced the most unforgiving odds and unfavorable climate conditions. Explore the many facets of “leadership” and discuss what it means to “guide from the side”, “leave a little in the tank”, "know your team", and “finish the job”.

Intentional by design

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A team development simulation that transports your team to the unexplored regions of the Southern Hemisphere, on an unforgettable trek across Antarctica.

Give your people the chance to be selfless confidants who discover the true value in cultivating a sense of compassion and responsibility for others in pursuit of a shared goal.

Our newest program —

Expedition Antarctica


We strive to make things easy for you. Our programs are turnkey. We provide everything to make your experience successful.

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Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

The group really enjoyed Expedition Antarctica because it was hands-on and out-of-the-box. The energy was high and the participants enjoyed putting leadership skills to the test. One said, “This activity made me look inside myself…about how I reacted and interacted throughout the game…and what that means about my leadership style.”

Nakeina E. Douglas-Glenn, Director

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